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Gérard Peters | Danielle Neve


17.11.23 at 19:30
to 19.11.23 at 17:00


300 Euro normal Price | 350 Euro Help others | 250 Euro In case of financial problems




Kulturhaff Millermoler | 13, rue Girsterklaus L-6560 Hinkel




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Being a Bridge in the mystery of life | B2

Turning the uncertainty, the pain and the change into the path


Healing the divides from ourselves, others and nature

Diving into the nature of human existence

Helping to shape the dawn of a new humanity


The situation

The actual crisis is a lens or a prism in which details of the destructive and one-sided story of modern times become visible if we allow ourselves to look at them.

Introductory I try to describe the essence of the dilemma in which we are stuck at the beginning of the 21st century.

The story of modern times is built on the narrative of division, separation, reduction and abstraction. Overall, the history of mankind is a story of division, greed, jealousy and war so far.

We are facing the fruits of our past actions individually as well as collectively and it needs a sincere amount of courage to open up, to see, hear, feel and understand the consequences of our behavior as a species.

Is this story of humanity really the only paradigm in which we can imagine life on the pale blue dot called earth?

It seems that mankind needed to walk this path to reach a peak, in order to be able to change direction. I believe that we have reached this peak.

The transformative time we are living in, is an opportunity and an inevitable turn to raise consciousness towards a profound narrative of connection, inclusion, extension and widening.

Although we have taken the venture of connecting technically the whole world, our ego consciousness remains captured in separation and war leading to polarization and destruction.

Our time is a possibility to build bridges, to create passages, to reconcile and awaken love between the perceived poles of duality that are becoming so obvious at the moment.


Being a Bridge ® in the mystery of life

aims to contribute to healing the divides that modern and postmodern human beings and societies are in, and offers a path into the nature of human existence, in order to co-create new sustainable realities with less suffering in the world.


The divides:

The principle divides we are facing today are:


None of them exists without the other and they mutually depend on each other.

They are based on a predominant techno-materialistic worldview of natural science neglecting completely the psycho-spiritual and living dimension of existence.

They are giving birth to a life negating and death phobic culture at the same time.

They are the consequences of not understanding the whole nature of our existence.

They lead to a sense alieneted life.


The ignorance of the nature of our existence

Apart from a small number of realized individuals it seems that the majority of humankind has no access to embodied wisdom of the nature of our existence.

This is not surprising in a world where, for most humans in so-called undeveloped countries, the nature of their existence literally means, surviving.

For another large number of humans, living in so-called developed countries, the nature of their existence is reduced to be a consumer and a well functioning “Bit” in a techno-informatized society where artificial and biotech intelligence is worshiped as only savior, taking every transcendental purpose of human life away.

Although in developed countries, to some extent, we do not fight for basic survival anymore, we dedicately project and implement the same battle of surviving worldwide in economic, educational and medical systems, based on the same principles of fight, continuing ignoring fundamental insights of our nature.

Under these circumstances the world can only look like a war zone in which we fight agressivly for survival, sink in depression or ignore what is happening. We see and experience all these reactions right away.


What could happen if we were aware about the nature of our existence?

What would happen if we would become embodied living consciousnesses of the insights of wisdom traditions who know that:


What would happen if we would consistently include a quantum physical understanding of an energetic reality profoundly influenced by our intention of how we see things?

Wouldn’t we live another life, other relationships, other social, economic and ecological models imbued by a transcendental purpose?

Wouldn’t we be able to make changes more easily and from an intrinsic motivation instead from a battlefield where we want to convince each other?


Why Being a Bridge in life?

Being a Bridge ® puts you into


The present moment is a bridge between the past and the future in an eternal way.

It is in the present moment where we can


What can it bring to your life?

Being a Bridge ®  is a contemporary and practical path of


Our path together

Our path is bridging parts, methods and humans in order to understand and experience the nature of our existence.


I – Part  | Healing the divide from ourselves

This part is anchored and influenced by the eastern Tibetan body-mind wisdom school and is providing a deep understanding about our psycho-somatic existence, our true nature and our human potential.

Without access to the nature of our body-mind existence there is no way to be truly happy.

Just as we invest in the training of our body we need to invest in our mind training.


WE – Part  | Healing the divide from others

This part is carried by western developmental and buddhist psychology and is providing a deep trauma informed understanding about our psycho-social interactions, our relationships and collective coherence.

Without knowing how our psyche is functioning there is no way to live peacefully together.

Just as we invest in our success we need to invest in valuable relationships with others.


Cosmic – Part | Healing the divide from nature

This part is anchored in contemporary neuro-shamanic and naturopathy knowledge and is providing a deep understanding about our bio-psycho-ecological entanglement, its energetic potential and cosmic resonance.

Without a deep connection to nature there is no way to live a healthy life.

Just as we invest in careers we need to invest in respectful relationships with nature.


Although we use backgrounds from different traditions, the path is not limited to theses and does not require any religious affiliation.

It is open to anyone.


If you are facilitator with good knowledge in these fields and you want to work to co-create with us, get in contact.

We promote inclusion and co-operation because we know:


This path is an invitation to an integral understanding and experience of


Life is brief and precious!

Let’s be a bridge in every moment, with kindness, compassion and acceptance for the place we are and for the humans we are.

We need a deeper revolution than the old one, of friend and enemy, good and bad.


We need a door into the heart of love, to the nature of human existence, to be able to live our lives with sustainability, a sense of belonging and wisdom.

The ultimate value is the love within everyone of us.


Become a catalyst for development and awakening of a new humanity with new values and new orientation.


Details about B1 in September and B2 in November

A few weeks ago I had an experience in a doctor’s practice where I was for a routine check-up appointment.

After the examination, the doctor asked me about my work. I told him that I work with people who were going through changes in their lives. People looking for resilience and wisdom that gives their lives meaning and support in difficult times like these.

Without hesitation he said “Then I must come to you”. He told his story of his multiple burnout in the existing health system, which has brought him to the edge of his strength again and again.

He took me to the secretary and asked her to write down my number with a short note that I would help people in crisis situations. She, who I had noticed when I arrived because she was sitting weak and sad behind the reception desk, asked me: “Do you also have space for me?”. What followed next gave me a few sleepless nights. The six subsequent patients of the doctor behind me, who listened to the conversation, all asked me for my phone number with a serious request to help them because they were not feeling well.


At that moment, it became painfully clear to me that what I had been experiencing in practice in one-on-one meetings for years and months was the tip of an iceberg that was uncompromisingly making its way through society.

It is the iceberg of fear and exhaustion over the last few years and the rapid changes that leaves us almost with no time to breathe.

Many people across all age categories and professions have lost their feet on the ground and have a free floating fear of:


The pain, the despair and the disorientation that goes along with it are getting bigger and the compensatory mechanisms work less and less.

What will happen, who or what can I still trust are questions that come to the foreground and speed up the division in ourselves and society.


Some of us are consciously aware that nothing is as it was before or what it seems to be.

Others sense the elephant in the room and desperately avoid looking.

Still others believe that they have the only truth and that it is a question of convincing or eliminating those who do not share their view.


We are all in the same boat, subject to the waves of change and uncertainty.

Avoidance, defense, blame and distraction are welcome mechanisms to not feel the pain and thereby increase the burden even more.


We therefore propose the two events in autumn under the title:

“Turning the pain into a path”.

It needs safe spaces in which we can explore what is inside of us, where we can encounter each other knowing that we are not alone with our challenges.

Opening our awareness of what is happening inside and outside of us and seeing clearly that humanity is at a turning point, needs courage, resilience and wisdom for our future.


Become a wounded healer and build bridges… together.

By changing yourself, you change the world – that is your potential and your strength that can lead you out of powerlessness and helplessness.

Become a conscious and healed part of society and help build a new human being.

Organizational details:



Gérard Peters

Process Facilitator

Danielle Peters-Neve

Process facilitator





Arrival on Friday from 06:00 p.m.

It is possible to take part in a joint dinner at 6:30 p.m.

Fri: 7:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m

Sat: 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m

Sun: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m



Kulturhaff Millermoler | 13, rue Gisrterklaus L-6560 Hinkel


Public transportation:

The bus connections 475 – 485 – 486 – 492 – 496 serve the stops in Hinkel.

Public transport is free in Luxembourg.


Accommodation options:

It is not compulsory to spend the night there. If you live in the area, you can also stay at home.

The Kulturhaff has a few rooms for overnight stays.

If you would like to stay there, please contact Isabelle and Luc from Kulturhaff.

Phone: +352 53 27 73

Email: isip@pt.lu

There are other overnight accommodations nearby in Echternach (10 min) or Wasserbillig (10 min). There is also a campsite in Rosport (5 min).


Catering or eating and drinking

The Kulturhaff usually offers a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian menu.

Luc and Isabelle cook for us on Friday evening, Saturday lunchtime and evening, Sunday lunchtime. If you stay there you will of course get breakfast on Saturday and Sunday morning.

Please ask Isabelle and Luc for the menu suggestions and register yourself for the meals you would like to have.

Phone: +352 53 27 73

Email: isip@pt.lu

You pay for food, drinks and overnight stays directly to the Kulturhaff when you leave.



Experiences such as mindfulness training, psychological deep work, Vajrayana training and teachings, shamanic work or similar can be helpful, but are not mandatory.

If you suffer from acute anxiety disorders and panic attacks, psychosis, drug problems and personality disorders or similar, please talk to us about these things in advance so that we can clarify on a case-by-case basis whether this process is suitable for you.

We work indoors and outdoors and therefore rely on your willingness to be outdoors in nature from time to time.


Limited places:

We will only allow a limited number of participants to the process so that we can work intensively.



Cost: course

300 euros (Regular)

350 euros (Help others)

People who can pay a little more (Help Others Price) offer their support to those who are struggling financially.

250 euros (financial problems)

If you have financial problems, you can take advantage of the discounted price or a price agreed with us.

Talk to us and don’t let your participation fail because of financial problems.

Costs: meals, accommodation

You have to pay for your food, your drinks and your overnight stays at the Kulturhaff.


Things you need to bring:

After registering, you will receive a separate list from us with the things you should bring with you.


Reservation and payment:

To book your place, we ask you:

  1. Complete and submit the electronic registration form (“Register” button in this document).
  2. If you have financial problems, contact us so that we can agree on the price for which you can participate
  3. Transfer the amount of 300 euros (regular) or 350 euros (help others) or the agreed price to the following account:


Gerard Peters / Transcendere

IBAN: LU67 0019 5155 9110 4000


Please enter your surname / first name and the purpose “Being a Bridge” and the course number.

The course fees are used integrally to improve the further development of our offer. We are not oriented towards profit, but towards social impact.



General cancellation conditions:

If canceled less than 30 days but more than 6 days before the event date: 50% of the total event price.

If canceled less than 7 days before the (first) event date: 100% of the total event price.

Since we live in rapid change, we deal with cancellations in an accommodating and humane manner. Please contact us personally if you need to cancel. We will find a solution in dialogue.

If the event is canceled by the organizer due to illness or too few participants, the entire amount will be refunded to you.


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