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The fire of being – The fires of growing


Sustaining rhythm, stability and balance

Fostering freedom, creativity and purpose

Accessing energy and resonance




The Transcendere depth work and development approach invites you to face the issue of Burn-out from a new perspective.


Burn-In is aligned and is emphasizing to the rhythm of life, the sense of life and the force of life in individuals and collectives.

Burn-In is designed

for people

for organizations


Based on neurophysiological, psychological and shamanic knowledge, we will use contemporary body-mind resonance and energy techniques to anchor us in the evolutionary forces of nature.

We will lighten the following fires and get in touch with their essence.


  1. The fire of being

Being in stillness. Knowing the places of resources. Experiencing grace and meaningfulness.

  1. The fire of surrendering

Accepting what is here and now. No judgement.

  1. The fire of trust

Transforming fears. Opening to trustfulness. Recognising vulnerability as a sign of life.

  1. The fire of intention

Meeting challenges with alignment and intention.

  1. The fire of intuition

Knowing about balance and rhythm. Connecting deeply to your environment and your fellows.

  1. The fire of certitude

Timing and connection to the whole. Being flexible and adaptive.

  1. The fire of clarity

Developing the clarity to act and to create. Following the instinct.

  1. The fire of transformation

Embracing new movements as energy and life force. Understanding change as evolution.

  1. The fire of vision

Opening to the freedom of inspiration, creativity and vision. Being called by the future.


I am looking forward to meet you in an intense Burn-In process, which will lead us to new dimensions of our being and our creating.

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