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In the Hands of Love

Being carried in the light of timless presence


Walking together

Meditation and Contemplation



Sometimes, our greatest challenges and limitations give us the greatest strength on our path of development and realization.

Every life has phases of great difficulties and threats which appeal to the courage of our being.


Sometimes everything changes in a moment!

Moments when we lose control, moments when we can’t just take old patterns to find a solution to heal and repair.

A pandemic, a great disappointment, a loss of work, an illness, an accident, a pain, a death, a birth, a great love, a separation …

Sometimes it’s our own fear, loneliness, or confusion …

Sometimes the despair is so great that we no longer dare to live …

Sometimes the burden of being with all of this is overwhelming and we see that our own strength is no longer enough.


Then it’s the time to entrust

To entrust to people who stand with us in our pain.

Entrusting the wisdom of our ancestors who managed to survive and without whom you would not exist.


Then the time of devotion and surrender has come.

The devotion to love, to nature and the cosmos from which we are born.


Giving yourself in the hands of love may be difficult words in these times!

Nevertheless, in these hands lies the balm for the wounds of our hearts and the nectar for the strength of the next steps and for true realization and renewal.


“In the hands of love” invites you to a place


“In the hands of love” invites you to a place

Not freedom for you, but freedom from you

Not joy for you, but joy with everyone and everything that is

Not peace for you, but peace with the universe



In the hands of love

the deep peace

carried by the ground of being

tasting of nectar of wholeness

seeing in the light of darkness

hearing in the sounds of silence

the smell of freedom and true will

© Gérard Peters May 2021


On this day we give ourselves to the path, the moment, the togetherness,  the nature, to love

We are following the path of true Nature

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Gérard Peters

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