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Gérard Peters


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Dawn Resilience Practice

Tibetan Body-Mind Wisdom Training


Alignment, stability and energy for the day

Psycho-neuro-immunological strengthening

Free participation / Donations welcome




Our morning practice helps you to strengthen and stabilize your body, mind and emotions in challenging times.

It is also a vehicle to consciously connect you with your life force and to remind you of your true nature.

Without the necessary energy it is very difficult to be aware and to be able to act wise.

The practice is built on many years of experience in the fields of complementary medicine, meditation, body and breath work and is rooted in the tibetan yogic traditions.

Working with the five elements changes our body, mind and energy rapidly. The balance of the elements has a profound impact on our health and well-being.


We work with:


They promote your clarity and alignment, your devotion and open-heartedness.

Organizational Details:


Gérard Peters



Monday – Wednesday – Friday

06:15 – 06:45 h



Online Zoom meeting

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Please login 5 min before, we will start punctually!

If you are late, please join with your microphone mute!



Please complete the electronic registration form in this document (Register button) and send it. (Please fill in the fields correctly so we can communicate with you). It is enough if you register once, you do not have to do it every day.

The link will be send to you via mail.



The participation is free.

We enjoy if you reward our work with a donation.

Gérard Peters  / Transcendere

IBAN: LU67 0019 5155 9110 4000


Please indicate your Name and Surname and mention “Donation morning practice”

Your donations are used integrally to improve the further development of our offer.

We are not profit oriented, but towards sustainable social impact.


Help others:

Help us to make these practices available to others as well, and invite them to participate. That is something you can do to help others and it is free of finacial charge for you.

We see it as an act of kindness, care and sharing, aspects that we need so badly in order to have a powerful and meaningful life.



Anyone can participate. The more we are, the more powerful we can make this practice.

Please set up an undisturbed place on the floor with a meditation cushion.

If you can not sit on the floor, you can also do the exercises on a chair.

Have tissues close. (we work with breathing exercises where a clear nose is of advantage)

Please have drinks close to you, so that you don’t have to leave the common space during the exercises.



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