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The Eye of the Storm | E5

Embodied presence and resilience training


Element: Space

Openness and Stillness

Potential and Abundance

The forces of change and renewal have made their way over the past year and have become very evident.

Many of us face great challenges individually, but also collectively we are asked as families, groups, nations and as a whole humanity to break new ground.

The intensity of the passing away of old forms and the fertility of new growth will continue to accompany us and increase.


The “Eye of the Storm” is a training to develop embodied presence and resilience.

This fifth part of the training is about the element space

How do we convert miserliness, lack and scarcity into abundance?

What do these aspects of our mind and our emotions have to do with our cavities in our body?

How do we open to the full potential of life?

How do we find openness and stillness in ourselves and in the world?


You are cordially invited to open yourself for your health and your transformation.




We work in groups of 2, 3, 5 and in large groups with elements of meditation, body and breath work, exploration and presence work, as well as shamanic work.


The training consists of 5 parts / Elements.

Normally the training is offered as a whole. As the current situation demands a lot of flexibility from all of us, the modules can all be attended separately.

It is very helpful to visit all of them as they can develop their full power even more as a whole.


The eye of the storm

Training 1: Element: Earth – Foundation and Stability

Training 2: Element: Water – Flow and Life force

Training 3: Element: Fire – Freedom and Creativity

Training 4: Element: Wind – Clarity and Flexibility

Training 5: Element: Space – Openness and Silence

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Gérard Peters


Andrea Kurth


Danielle Neve

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